Estate and trust appraisals

    Done for the IRS, Trust Departments, Executors, and Heirs


    Pre-Filing, Chapters 7, 11 or 13, Offering Guidance to Trustees

Insurance claims

    Inspections, Reviews, Pre-Existing Damage, Repair and Restoration Costs, Replacement Costs, Actual Cash Value, Etc.

Insurance coverage

    Homeowner's Scheduled Fine Art & Antiques, Collectibles, Silver, Jewlery, Art--Including That Over $50,000, Etc.

Family division

    Family Property Divided Before or After Death, Guardian Inventory, Division Among Children or Heirs, Possible Gifting, Etc.

Equitable distribution
Charitable Contribution

    Antique or Artwork Valued at Over $5000 and Claimed, Assistance with IRS #8283, Used Clothing & Household Furniture Over $500 Per Pension Protection Act, Etc.

Litigation support

    Deposition Guidance, Expert Witness Testimony, Providing Questions to Ask regarding Personal Property Valuations, Review of Case, Etc.

Expert witness testimony

    Specialist Professional Opinions of Value for All Areas of Personal Property Valuation Questions

Value consultation

    Formal Letters to Informal "Walk Thru" Service, If "You Just Want to Know"

Appraisal theory and methodology

    Complex Questions Over Technical Jargon and Practice. It may make a difference.

Casualty loss

    Hurricane, Fire, Theft Without Insurance, Make Proper Claims for Your Income Tax

Appraisal review

    Not All Appraisals are Created Equal or Done to the Same Standard. Have One Reviewed.

USPAP (The Uniform Standards of Professional Practice) compliance issues

    Is Your Appraisal USPAP Compliant?

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