Personal Content & Collection Appraisals

Many homeowners and private individuals need appraisals done on their personal property or treasured heirlooms. This can be for insurance coverage, since many insurance carriers will not cover antiques, art, and collectibles without an appraisal, or it could be for their own use, just wanting to know what their best pieces are worth or even because they might want to sell some.

Corporate Asset Management Appraisals

Many corporations and private businesses have amassed assets held for enjoyment, investment, and historical significance. Whether it be paintings in the lobby, sculptures in the atrium, or private documents in the storage areas, these items need careful documentation and protection—just as surely as do products, financial records, and general equipment.

Public & Private Institution Appraisals

We have a staff of qualified people to meet the needs of specialized and unusual circumstances within the institutional network. This includes machinery and equipment specialists, book and document experts, generalists with a wide range of knowledge, and even those who can explore your microfiches or stacks piled high to the ceiling.

Government & IRS Appraisals

Many appraisal needs are for governmental functions. This can include estate tax, charitable contribution, Federal casualty loss, or gift tax. The IRS has very specific guidelines on what they need and who can do the appraisal. We are qualified and meet the specifications of the IRS.

Litigation & Court Appraisals

The value of personal property is often in dispute. Appraisers are hired to provide correct valuation for the settlements of those disputes, including divorce, claims, eminent seizure, loss, or negligence and/or fraud. We have worked in high profile cases of significant interest (the United States versus Richard Nixon) and precedent setting actions over authenticity, origin, and value.

Additional Types of Appraisal Services!


Pre-Filing, Chapters 7, 11 or 13, Offering Guidance to Trustees

Insurance claims

Inspections, Reviews, Pre-Existing Damage, Repair and Restoration Costs, Replacement Costs, Actual Cash Value, Etc.

Insurance coverage

Homeowner’s Scheduled Fine Art & Antiques, Collectibles, Silver, Jewlery, Art–Including That Over $50,000, Etc.

Family division

Family Property Divided Before or After Death, Guardian Inventory, Division Among Children or Heirs, Possible Gifting, Etc.

Equitable Distribution / Charitable Contribution

Antique or Artwork Valued at Over $5000 and Claimed, Assistance with IRS #8283, Used Clothing & Household Furniture Over $500 Per Pension Protection Act, Etc.

Litigation support

Deposition Guidance, Expert Witness Testimony, Providing Questions to Ask regarding Personal Property Valuations, Review of Case, Etc.

Expert Witness Testimony

Specialist Professional Opinions of Value for All Areas of Personal Property Valuation Questions

Value Consultation

Formal Letters to Informal “Walk Thru” Service, If “You Just Want to Know”

Appraisal Theory & Methodology

Complex Questions Over Technical Jargon and Practice. It may make a difference.

Casualty loss

Hurricane, Fire, Theft Without Insurance, Make Proper Claims for Your Income Tax

Appraisal review

Not All Appraisals are Created Equal or Done to the Same Standard. Have One Reviewed.

USPAP (The Uniform Standards of Professional Practice) compliance issues

Is Your Appraisal USPAP Compliant?