We’re not talking about Brian and Leon - - - we’re talking about small figures that wiggle their heads. (I guess maybe we are talking about Brian and Leon).  They’re called bobbing heads, wobblers, or bobbleheads.

Sports bobbleheads first appeared on the baseball scene in the 1950’s.  They were paper mache figures, about four or five inches tall, that had stationary bodies and a spring that fastened the head. Any slight movement would cause the head to move back and forth, up or down, or just “bobble.”

Vintage Pedal Cars

by Karen S. Murray

Pedal Cars have been a hot collectible for many years. What started out as a kid's toy, has become much more serious than child's play. One only needs to peruse Ebay and auction sites to see the value of these tot-sized automobiles. Alderfer Auction, of Hatfield, PA recently sold a single owner collection of more than 40 vehicles. These included both restored and unrestored cars, trucks, motorcycles, trains, boats, airplanes and 3 (very unusual) bulldozers. Their June 17th sale occurred both in-house and online and brought sale prices in the thousands.