National Appraisal Consultants, LLC will be permanently closing on or before December 31, 2022. The firm will no longer conduct any business beyond calendar year 2022.

For professional appraisal services, visit or contact: Leon Castner at Castner Estate Services: or (484) 973-6008

Litigation and Court AppraiserThe value of personal property is often in dispute. Appraisers are hired to provide correct valuation for the settlements of those disputes, including divorce, claims, eminent seizure, loss, or negligence and/or fraud. We have worked in high profile cases of significant interest (the United States versus Richard Nixon) and precedent setting actions over authenticity, origin, and value.

The first step of a legal action usually involves the appraisal, but other steps are often necessary including deposition, expert witness testimony, and even litigation support. We are familiar with the legal process and can offer suggestions pertaining to value in any aspect of the case. Often a case review will reveal the need for specialized attention, i.e. blockage, present worth, loss on value, etc. that will make or break the entire case. That’s why you call us.

We provide appraisal reviews done according to USPAP Standard 3 that can include our valuation of the items, or we can do each under separate assignment and cover. We can provide tips for cross examination or point out weaknesses in the antagonist’s presentation. Our suggestions are based on winning job experience. Very few appraisers have the kind of training, ability, and expertise at this level that will assist you in your problem. That’s why we’re called first.