Public and Private Institution Appraisals | National Appraisal ConsultantsWho can you call to appraise an entire university?
Who do you call to appraise an entire museum?
Who would you get to appraise the contents of a public library?

National Appraisal Consultants. That’s who!

We have a staff of qualified people to meet the needs of specialized and unusual circumstances within the institutional network. This includes machinery and equipment specialists, book and document experts, generalists with a wide range of knowledge, and even those who can explore your microfiches or stacks piled high to the ceiling.

We have appraised major metropolitan complexes, including the archives of a major northeastern city. We have also appraised complete holdings for both small and national museums, many needing documentation for their insurance coverage.

These type of assignments need more than a “household contents” appraiser. They require extraordinary skill and talent in working within the system—understanding the labeling systems, peculiarities of staff and personel, and often outdated record keeping. You need to work with people who have done this before, who know the ropes, and who can make efficient use of time and resources.

That’s where we come in! We have done this before—many times before. We know what you need and how to achieve your ends—often with a very tight or restricted budget.