Business / Corporate Appraisals

Corporate Asset Management | National Appraisal ConsultantsMany corporations and private businesses have amassed assets held for enjoyment, investment, and historical significance. Whether it be paintings in the lobby, sculptures in the atrium, or private documents in the storage areas, these items need careful documentation and protection—just as surely as do products, financial records, and general equipment.

Often these assets have been obtained by those no longer with the company. Some may have been collected by personal whims during highly successful times. Even others may have been around since a firm’s existence.

These items may be listed on asset sheets, often they are not. Perhaps they are covered under insurance riders, but don’t bet on it. More often than not, however, they are passed on a daily basis without a single thought of what they are, how they relate to the company, and what they’re worth. National Appraisal Consultants has worked with many large and small firms in providing inventories and values of this type of property.

This can be extremely varied, demand unusual attention, and require complex reports. That’s what we’re all about. We have a history that includes appraisals done for The Resolution Trust Corporation in the 1990’s. Huge office complexes, branch banks around the country, and storage areas filled with artwork were appraised. This included antiques, artwork, furniture and fixtures, office equipment, rugs, and technical items. We have done archival projects for Fortune 500 companies which included rooms full of historical data, public relations material, original plans and displays, and prototypes. So if you’re in a position where you need an appraisal but don’t know where to turn, then turn to us. We know what you need and we know how to do it!